Innovation in Radiantism - assembly KIT

MY SDR - Software Defined Radio with Pout 1800 W 

OL LITER, the Future of Awesome

Solid state Power RF Amplifier liquid cooled


Ol Liter is a startup born to introduce  an innovative product in the wide scenario of Amateur Radio Telecommunications.

Starting from
entry level version, allows all OMs to access to one consolidated technology, offering a new "tailor made" solution.

OL Liter is a
solid state amplifier that you can assemble according to your needs
of station. You will be able to choose the features you want following just your requirement.
Band filter section is expandable, therefore

allows you to equip your linear with only the frequencies you are using.

used are the latest generation, high performance, produced by NXP™,
powered at 50 and 65 V with the highest efficiency available today,
choosing the power you want up to 1800 W.

The power is
configurable with 4 different values: 1000 W, 1250 W and 1500, 1800 W.

It is offered
in assembly kit or at different pre-assembly and calibration levels.