The "Ol Liter" project (one liter, 1000 W) is proposed as a development program shared with the interested OMs. The entire project, schemes, software, calibrations, service manuals and more, are shared with users with the aim of working together for the next versions.

04.08.2019 Olliter community is growing!

Thank you for your professional contribution.

Christian, AutoCAD drawing
Mauro, The Next , la mia SDR - Head Project Engineering
Ivano, Olliter Head Engineering
Danilo, PCB designer

Paolo, LPF designer
Ivan, Olliter co-idealist
Luca, Nextion project - Software developer
Gianni, LPF designer
Endri, Project Engineering - SDR Prototyping
Mariarosa, eBox manager
Letizia, Graphic designer
Omar, Logistics
Nicola, marketing and communication