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Welcome to our Customer Service page!
We want to assure you of a smooth experience in the rare case your OL-SDR requires service in our laboratory. We understand this can be an inconvenience, so we've designed a streamlined process to minimize disruption.

Your First Step: The HelpDesk
Before sending your radio in, our HelpDesk is your primary resource for resolving issues. This team of dedicated HAM enthusiasts, passionate about customer support, can often resolve problems remotely. This not only saves you time, but also helps us gather valuable information to expedite any necessary repairs.

Submitting a HelpDesk Ticket
To access the HelpDesk, please use the link below to complete a brief questionnaire. This information will be vital for our technicians to assist you promptly.

Link to HelpDesk Questionnaire: 
Click on the button below, our technicians are here to help, and will reach out to you shortly.

Thank you!

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