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About Olliter
Olliter is a young startup dedicated to innovation in the field of amateur and professional radio, bringing a range of cutting-edge products to the market. Founded by the inspiration of a passionate HAM, Olliter is now supported by a team of expert radio amateurs, with advanced skills in RF and programming.

Our Mission
Our primary goal is to offer the HAM community a range of products designed and built by radio amateurs, specifically designed to meet the needs of those who love radio.

Our Products
Our first project, ready to debut on the market after 5 years of meticulous design, is the OL-SDR: a high-quality SDR Transceiver, developed with experience gained also outside the amateur radio world. This will be joined by a digital ROSMETER/WATTMETER, an ideal complementary tool for modern radio stations.

Coming soon, we will introduce OL-POWER: a modular amplifier also available in solderless assembly kits, making it possible for every enthusiast to customize their project according to their needs.

Our Commitment
Whether you choose the ENTRY LEVEL version, with the essential components in a basic CASE, or the TOP OF THE RANGE version, complete with all the boards and presented in a CASE with attention to the smallest details, we guarantee the highest quality, reliability and performance. Furthermore, the possibility of expansion in the future allows you to spread the investment over time.

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Francesco - HB9GIF

Francesco: A lifelong radio enthusiast with a passion for innovation.
From walkie talkies to CB radios to amateur radio, Francesco has always been fascinated by the world of radio communication.
With his technical expertise and business acumen, Francesco is a driving force behind Olliter's mission to bring innovative products to the HAM community.

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Nicola - IK3GLF

Nicola: A lifelong learner with a passion for radio and electronics. From building his own synthesizer in the 1970s to listening to Radio Luxembourg as a child, Nicola has always been fascinated by the world of radio.
With his technical expertise and his love of learning, Nicola is a valuable asset to the Olliter team.

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Luca - IZ3VFK

Luca: Passionate about electronics since he was young, he started, like all of us, with CB and then obtained his amateur radio license thanks to an ex-colleague.
PCB designer for hobby, telephone systems and access control maintenance as a profession.
In the group, he is the one who deals with the development of the "NEXTION" Graphic Display.

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Luca - IU2FRL

Luca: A talented engineer with a passion for electronics.
Luca's love of electronics began at a young age, and he eventually went on to earn a degree in electrical engineering. In his professional life, Luca works as an Application Support Engineer for a multinational industrial automation company.
Luca is a valuable member of the Olliter team, and his expertise in electronics and software development has been essential to the success of the company.

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Christian - IZ2WYA

Luca: His passions are fly fishing, spinning fishing, and radio. In the nineties, he took his first steps in the world of CB thanks to the legendary Alan 48.
Over time, his love grew and in 2012 he took the license. Lover of digital modes, in particular RTTY and contests, both as a single operator and as a multi-operator.
Autocad technical designer, in the Team he deals with all the manuals, Quality Control and Certifications.

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Ivo - IZ3XEF

Ivo: A highly skilled engineer with a passion for radio.
Ivo's love of radio began at a young age, and he eventually went on to earn a degree in electronics engineering. In his professional life, Ivo works as a hardware designer for microcontroller systems.
Ivo is a valuable member of the Olliter team, and his expertise in electronics and software development has been essential to the success of the company.

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Mauro - I2SUH

Mauro: A lifelong radio enthusiast and self-builder, Mauro's passion began at the young age of twelve when he constructed his first valve radios under his father's guidance. A distinguished electronics engineer, Mauro boasts a successful career in leading multinational IT companies, mastering both hardware and software development. At Olliter, Mauro is not just involved. He is the visionary mind behind the OL-SDR. He leads the development of both its hardware and software, meticulously optimizing every aspect to achieve its peak performance.

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